Kathak Performance – Lalit Arpan

Lalit Arpan‘ –  a Kathak dance performance is scheduled to be held at the India International Centre, in Delhi, on 10th and 12th October. This event is a homage to Padmasahree Shovana Narayan by four of her disciples – Shruti Gupta Chandra, Supriya Sathe, Mrinalini and Kartika Singh. Each artist will present a selected pieces from their Guru’s repertoire along with pure dance pieces in traditional Kathak style. This event is an effort to  forge ahead the ‘Guru Shisya paramapara.’

Shruti Gupta and Supriya Sathe will begin the festival with an invocatory item ‘Ganga Stuti‘. Shruti will present ‘Yashodhara‘- a much performed and loved item of her Guru. Supriya will dance ‘Chaand‘ – an item that is a trademark of the Kathak maestro, while Kartika Singh will portray the anguish of ‘Draupadi‘ and Mrinalini will perform to a much loved ‘Gazal’ of Guru Narayan. Along with the abhinaya sequences, each dancer performs pure dance sequences set to teen taal, dhamar and 11 beats.

Program Flow
10th October, 2016
starting from 6.30 pm
Ganga Stuti by Shruti G. Chandra and Supriya Sathe
Solo – Supriya Sathe
Solo- Shruti Gupta Chandra

12th October, 2016
starting from 6.30 pm

Solo – Kartika Singh
Solo – Mrinalini

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